My Daily Habits: A Journey of Balancing Work, Health, and Personal Growth

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What are your daily habits?

Every day is a new opportunity to cultivate habits that nourish both our bodies and minds. As Cheryl Beutell, APRN, a psychiatric nurse practitioner at Northwestern Medicine, puts it, “A routine is how you build habits”​1​. Here’s a sneak peek into my daily routine, which is an ever-evolving blend of work, health, and personal development.

Sleep is the bedrock of my day. It’s not always easy—I sometimes find myself awake in the middle of the night for an hour or two. Despite these interruptions, I prioritize getting back to bed and catching up on my rest. A good sleep routine isn’t just about the quantity of hours, but the quality of the rest you’re getting. Having a consistent sleep schedule can improve mental sharpness, emotional well-being, and energy levels​1​.

Once I’m up, my morning routine kicks off with a shower, followed by personal grooming: combing my hair, flossing, gargling, and brushing my teeth. It’s a simple routine, but one that sets the tone for my day. Good hygiene isn’t just about looking presentable—it’s a key component of maintaining overall health​1​.

Before I step out the door for work, I try to write a blog post. Writing in the morning, when my mind is fresh, allows me to articulate my thoughts and ideas more clearly.

My commute to work is a strategic time for me. I try to take my business calls while driving. This allows me to utilize the travel time productively, making the most of each moment.

On the way to work, I often stop by the shore of Puget Sound for a walk or hit the gym. Incorporating physical activity into my daily routine helps me stay active and energized. Regular exercise is easier when it’s part of your routine, and it’s a fantastic way to manage stress more effectively​1​.

Work is, of course, a significant part of my day. But even here, I try to find a balance. I take regular breaks, stretch, and stay hydrated. A well-managed work routine can reduce stress and lead to better mental health.

On my way home, I prioritize my spiritual needs, often listening to the Bible. Spirituality, for me, is an essential part of maintaining a balanced life. It’s a time for introspection, gratitude, and connecting with my core beliefs.

Once home, I attend to my chores and prepare dinner. Planning meals and cooking at home, rather than relying on fast food or convenient options, helps me maintain a healthier diet​1​.

The evening is my time to focus on personal growth. I work on my investments and business, trying to write a couple more blog posts. Occasionally, I’ll wind down with some television before heading to bed. This mix of productivity and relaxation helps me to balance my time and energy.

At the end of the day, the most important part of my routine is flexibility. Everyone is unique and not everyone requires a fully scheduled day to reap the health benefits of a routine. It’s about making choices that help me live a healthier and more fulfilling life​1​.

I hope my daily routine inspires you to build your own. Remember, the goal isn’t to change your entire lifestyle at once. Start small, build gradually, and soon enough, you’ll see the positive impact of your daily habits.

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