Retirement is not for Me!

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How do you want to retire?

I find immense joy and satisfaction in work. For me, retirement isn’t about stepping away from my career and abandoning my contributions to society. On the contrary, I don’t envision a traditional retirement for myself. Instead, I plan to continue to work and contribute as long as I am physically and mentally able to do so.

I believe that work goes beyond monetary gain. It provides a sense of purpose, a way to stay engaged with the world, and opportunities to continually learn and grow. I find that the process of solving problems, creating value, and contributing to my field and society at large to be deeply fulfilling and rewarding. It keeps my mind active and my spirit invigorated.

Of course, the nature of my work might change over time. As I grow older, I might focus more on mentorship, sharing my knowledge and experience with younger generations, or perhaps devote more time to projects or causes that I’m passionate about. But as long as I am capable, I want to continue to play an active role in society and continue to make a difference.

In essence, my idea of ‘retirement’ is not to retire from work but to stay engaged and productive, pursuing what I love and what brings value to others and society.

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