True Love at 5 Years Old – My First Crush

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Ah, the days of childhood! Days filled with innocent dreams, boundless imagination, and yes, even romance. At the tender age of five, next-door neighbors often become your whole world. And that was precisely the case for me. There she was, my next-door neighbor and my first crush, the one I was quite convinced I would marry someday.

Our bond was more than just two 5-year-olds playing together. It was something special, something pure. Our worlds revolved around each other. We shared laughs, tears, and countless moments that, in our minds, mirrored the adult world around us. We were in love, or at least, as much as two 5-year-olds can be.

In our little heads, we believed we had it all figured out, including where babies come from. We were pretty sure that kissing was the magic act that led to babies. After all, that’s what mommies and daddies did, right?

Of course, like any great love story, ours wasn’t without its trials. There were times when anger got the best of us. We would have our little quarrels and swear we would never speak to each other again.

However, life has a way of drawing paths that diverge. She moved away, and over time, we grew apart. Our childish promises of eternal love slowly faded into the realm of memory. Yet, as teenagers, we reconnected and even went on a few dates. It was a sweet echo of our younger selves, a gentle reminder of the love we once held for each other.

Now, 55 years later, those memories still hold a special place in my heart. I look back on those times with fondness, a gentle smile on my face. I may not have married my first crush, but the memories of our innocent love continue to warm my heart.

Through her, I learned about love, friendship, and the simple joy that companionship can bring. She wasn’t just my first crush; she was my first friend, my first love. And for that, I will always cherish the memories of our time together. To this day, those memories are a testament to the true love that two 5-year-olds can share.

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3 responses to “True Love at 5 Years Old – My First Crush”

  1. Ohw my god! He was a handsome young boy. So kind and very vocal, would literally freeze whenever I saw him lol😅 let’s follow each other’s blog.

  2. You nailed it when you said, how to be a friend…ya gotta like who ya love!

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